A Busy Lambing Season!

Just a little update on lambing here at Alysheep. Things are busy! We have a little over 100 ewes finished and at least 200 left to go. The ewes are producing at a good level and we are seeing more triplets than usual. This also brings its own challenges as ewes try to sort out which lambs belong to them! Especially if I’m not in the barn and they start lambing side by side. Right now the pregnant ewes are split into groups of 50. But I’m finding that on busy days, or nights when I sleep too long we still have too many mix ups happen. One of the things I’d like to try, is splitting the groups of 50 into three small groups with temporary panels. I’m hoping that allows me to get a little more sleep at night and also keeps ewes from lambing side by side and having mix ups. I’ll try to do an update to let you know how that works out as soon as I get it put together.

I also had to post this picture of our most recent black lamb. The poor ewe seemed a little confused about this little black creature following her around. They would face each other at a distance and as the lamb would come towards the ewe she would back away from it cautiously. That’s what she’s doing in this picture. Eventually she got used to the idea and bonded with her lamb. So it was a happy ending after all.
– Miles



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