Nifty Idea ~ Iodine Spray for Navels

I just wanted to share this little tidbit of ingenuity with you. On and off we have tried to do navel dipping for our newborn lambs. It’s a fairly common procedure and basically uses a simple cup shaped container that fills with iodine and then has to be placed over the lambs navel (umbilical cord), the lamb has to be maneuvered upside down to soak the area with iodine. The goal is to protect the newborns from potential infection through their wet navel.

The reason we have never been overly consistent with navel dipping is that I find it somewhat difficult and messy to do. In the busyness of lambing it usually ends up slipping off the priority list. Recently though we thought up this idea and so far it seems to be working very well for us. What I did, was take an old spray bottle (this one is a relatively heavy duty type, but I’m pretty sure you could re-use any old cleaner bottle provided it is well rinsed out), and fill it with iodine. Now when I put in new lambs I can just pick them up and give them a few quick sprays on the navel and they’re done. I find the bottle handy because it can’t spill the way a navel dipper can, and the pull trigger works as a great way to hang it on a nearby panel or nail.



Now, I have to admit I haven’t asked a vet if there would be any disadvantage to doing it this way. Honestly it seems more sanitary than dipping every lamb in the same cup. If you have any thoughts or suggestions please leave a comment below. If you give it a try on your lambs, let us know what you think. Hopefully someone else out there can enjoy this trick the way we have.


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