Timmy’s First Flock

Last summer we had our hands full. Our oldest child turned three in September 2012 and so for a few months we had three kids under the age of three. For this reason, as well as the fact that we live pretty close to a main highway, we decided to build a little fenced in area in our yard for the kids to play in.

Since the kids were all a little older this summer and our oldest seemed to have a better sense of danger and boundaries, we were thinking of just taking down the fence. That way we wouldn’t have to mow around and in it and quite honestly, it didn’t look very nice having a page-wire fenced in area on our front lawn. It looked a lot more like a sheep pen than it did a nice play area.


And that is exactly why we turned it into just that, a little lamb pen! Just days before Miles was planning on tearing down the fence, I came to him with the idea of putting a couple of lambs in there for our kids to play with.

The more we thought about the idea, the more it grew on us. We began to realize the opportunity it would provide for our oldest son Timmy to learn some responsibility as well as give him a chance to learn more about taking care of animals first hand.

Now, everyday Timmy looks forward to watering his lambs. Miles had the great idea to use an old milk jug to haul the water in because it is easy for Timmy to carry and it has worked great.

Timmy has not only enjoyed the task of watering his little flock, he also has fun running around and playing with the lambs. So far the lambs are still quite timid around Timmy but I’m thinking if he spends enough time playing in their pen, they’ll eventually warm up to him.

We started out with two female orphan lambs and then after a few weeks we realized they weren’t quite big enough to keep up with the grass. So Miles brought over a male orphan lamb that needed to get weaned. We figure we may try to sell him as a grass fed lamb just as a bit of an experiment to see how much demand is out there for grass fed lambs.


We’ll try to keep you updated on what happens to Timmy’s first flock as the summer goes on.


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