Babies to Blizzards and Everything In-Between

I’ve been puzzling over how I can recap the last two and a half months in a single blog post? How about one word?… BUSY!
The busyness started August 29… well, late on August 28th actually. It started with hurriedly packing three sleepy older siblings into a minivan to spend the night at Oma and Opa’s while we headed off in the farm truck to the hospital.

We’re thankful for the safe arrival of our fourth child Henry John Driedger! Born 1:45am August 29.

Needless to say that kick started a very busy stretch for our family. It took a little while to adjust to four aged 3 and under. Of course we didn’t have to worry about that for long because as of September 25 we now have four aged 4 and under. And as much as that may make us sound busy, not more than two days ago I sold a few rams to a family expecting their sixth in 6 years! That made me thankful for our relatively quiet little family.

Well, as expected, harvest with Alyssa’s family got underway when Henry was about 1 week old. A little young to break him in to the combine, but he seemed to enjoy the endless bouncing and rumbling when he’d come along for rides.

Everybody got their turns riding along with the different family members. I spent most of my time running the grain cart back and forth between combines and the truck. It was a new experience and I sure enjoyed it!

We wrapped up our stint in the field with a little bit of straw baling which is always enjoyable with a couple little riders. However, it sure was nice to have that wrapped up and get on to fall work as fast as possible before the snow hit.

Fall work has been a bit of a blur as we tried to get as many outside jobs off the list as we could. Thanks to Alyssa’s dad for a big cleanup blitz around the yard as well as ‘clean-out’ inside the barn. We got the last few hay bales stacked into the hay shed and hauled the straw bales home thanks to our old neighbor’s home-made-self-unloading-bale-wagon.

All this along with a number of other jobs and we were almost ready for the snow to fall. The last thing we needed to do was tear out a section of page wire and build some fenceline feeding for the extra 200 ewe lambs we’re feeding this winter. We were almost ready to get started when we heard the forecast for 20cm of snow over the weekend.

I finished pulling out the old fence just as the snow began to fall, so after a quick lunch we bundled everyone up to join me outside. We hooked up the post pounder to the farm truck and buckled the youngest three in. Alyssa drove the truck along for me while Timmy watched from the truck box.

It was slow going and the truck kept wanting to slide down the slope in all that fresh wet snow. The snow kept piling up around us and we had made it almost half way when it didn’t seem like the truck would make it much farther (it’s time for new tires). So everyone headed inside while I switched the post pounder over to the tractor. Alyssa’s brother, Andrew, was able to come drive the tractor for me and we just managed to get the last post in before sundown. The next day and a half were spent fastening up boards in the snow, which the whole family lent a hand with. While we didn’t quite beat the snow on that last job, we are thankful to have the extra feeding space for the winter months and are glad to have the project completed.

With everything outside freezing up and buried in snow, our attentions have turned inside the barn where we have a number of jobs to get accomplished before ultrasounding and shearing. Both of which will be happening over the next month and a bit. Check back soon to keep up with the countdown to our first lambing of 2014.

God bless,
– Miles

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