The Race is On!

Shearing is slated to start this Monday the 9th and there’s plenty to get ready before then. Things have fallen a little bit behind schedule due to the blizzard we received this past Monday.

The better part of Monday and Tuesday were spent digging out and getting feed to all the different pens. Some of the drifts that blew up in the yard were a good 5 feet deep! In the field west of our house where we have straw bales stacked some of the drifts are two round bales high or about 10 feet deep!


Not everything is completely dug out yet, but at least we are functioning somewhat normally again. The main task is getting a permanent shearing chute built. I’m designing the chute based on some pictures and what I remember from the chutes of shearers we have hired in the past. It’s a simple concept that keeps the sheep close at hand for the shearer as well as making it easier to seat the ewe down. While I’m building the chute I’m also trying to incorporate a back support system. After a back injury 3 years ago I get pretty tired and sore after shearing all day. I’ve seen something like this used once by one of our shearers as well as in several pictures. Hopefully it takes some of the strain out of shearing for us guys and helps the job to go more quickly and easily.

Tonight I took a few minutes to get some combs and cutters sharpened up. It’s a skill that I haven’t quite perfected yet, but an important job to get right in order to make for easier shearing.

Shearing in 5 days.
– Miles

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