Lamb Coffee!?!

Lamb coffee and my coffee... don't want to confuse these at 2am!
Lamb coffee and my coffee… don’t want to confuse these at 2am!

Yeah I know it sounds crazy. But we were looking for something this year to help our lambs really get up and go. We wanted to make sure that they had the best possible start and got up to eat well right away. At first, we researched into some of the available lamb formulas (Nutri-Drench, Kick Start, Survive!, etc). They all make some pretty incredible claims, which I think have to be seen partly as marketing. But at the same time, they’re not a complete hoax. The ingredients in them would certainly provide some good energy and vitamins for the lambs. Most of them are made up of either molasses or vegetable oil and they all have a certain level of vitamins. So we started looking at the cost of giving each of our lambs a dose at birth to ensure adequate energy to get up and feed well (since mama’s colostrum is the real ‘magic formula’). As our research progressed, we realized that we could easily make most of those concoctions ourselves. So, after talking to our vet we decided to do a little bit of an experiment this year. At first, we were leaning towards a vegetable oil mixture, but our vet didn’t think the lambs would be able to metabolize the fat very well. So we opted for a molasses based mixture. Molasses is about 50% sugar and lambs seem to like the taste, so it makes a good energy supplement.

What I wasn’t expecting our vet to suggest was to try coffee! She told us that she had tried instant coffee mixed into milk for calves, and that it really perked them up. So, we added instant coffee to our grocery list.


We mixed up our recipe and put it in a bottle with a squirt cap like a soap dispenser. The first batch was a little thin and runny, so the next batch had a little more molasses to thicken it up. So far we have given the mixture to every lamb born as soon as we put them in the jug. I can’t say that I have noticed the lambs perk up when the caffeine hits their system the way I do, but it is seeming like we have less weak lambs who run out of energy before they get a good feeding in. Maybe some day we can do a more objective analysis of how well the stuff actually works. But for now it is a really inexpensive way to make sure our lambs get up and suck on their own. It sure beat milking and bottle feeding.

Lamb Drinking Lamb Coffee


I don’t know if anyone else out there has tried feeding coffee to livestock, but if you have I’d really like to know what your recipe is and how it works for you. I’ll share ours below and you can give your critique. Remember it’s always a good idea to talk to a vet before feeding something like this to your livestock, but the nice thing is, that it is completely made out of edible ingredients that you have in your own kitchen. So you know it’s a safe feed. As a ‘foodie’ would say, “I like it, cause I know what’s in it!”


We also included Selenium and vitamins E, A, and D. However I’m not going to include those in the recipe as Selenium can be potentially toxic to sheep if incorrectly dosed (though sheep also die without it). These ingredients you would definitely want to talk to your vet about and make sure they are properly dosed and administered.

Let us know what you think, crazy good idea or just plain crazy.

– Miles

Lamb Coffee Recipe

4 thoughts on “Lamb Coffee!?!

  1. Hello,
    First thank you for posting this recipe. It is nice to know that someone else is looking for and creating options for us sheep producers.
    Second, have you found that this recipe is still working for you?
    Third, have you thought of changing the sugar for say karo?
    Fourth, would you be willing to tell me what the measurements of the additional vitamins that you add? I give selenium shots so I’m not worried about that one but I’m interested in the rest?

    Thank you so very much!
    Naturally Ewe Farm
    Nampa, Alberta

    • Hi Christine,

      Thanks for the questions. We have actually moved away from using this recipe in the last couple of years. We found that if there was any benefit it was hard to quantify. In the last couple of years we have been putting a BIG emphasis on colostrum supplementation and we have seen noticeable improvements in our lamb survival. {Check out some of our most recent posts on colostrum feeding to learn more about our program}

      There may still be some benefit to giving an oral shot of vitamins and energy supplement but it would take more analysis to determine the value of it. Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

      Take care,
      Miles & Alyssa

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