Alysheep is about two things, family and sheep.  In fact that’s exactly what our vision says:

“Continually striving towards family based lamb production at a world class level.”

We are still a young family with a few children down around our knees. And you may wonder why it was so important to us to include our family in the farm vision statement.  For us the reasoning is simple.  We were created with the mandate to both responsibly take care of the earth, and to raise another generation to do the same to an even greater degree.  For us, raising sheep is a major part of our domain and we work to continually learn to do a better job of it.  We believe that our family and our farm go together.  We were blessed to have the tradition of sheep raising handed down to us from both Miles’ Grandfather as well as Alyssa’s parents.  We strongly believe that, whether our children continue in the shepherding tradition or follow other pursuits, there are few places better suited to instill the important character traits needed to succeed.  Not the least of which include hard work, fair and honest dealing, respect for creation, and the ability to find fulfillment in a job well done.

So whether you are looking for top quality breeding stock or the tastiest lamb available you can rest assured that we are always striving to deliver the very best to our customers.

Miles & Alyssa and our family

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