Thank You!

Thank you to all or our 2016 Alysheep breeding stock customers!  We were so happy to have such excellent ewe lambs and ram lambs available, and enjoyed being able to see them go to so many great people.  We saw quite a few first time producers this year, and it’s great to see new enthusiasm and fresh ideas coming to the lamb industry.  All the best to everyone who purchased breeding stock from us this year.  We wish you all the best with your new flocks!

We’ve been pleased to see lamb prices stay high this fall and it looks like there is lots of promise for 2017.  We’ve had a number of people contact us looking for breeding stock, and we are beginning to compile a list of those interested in buying ewe lambs in 2017.  If you are interested, please send us a message and we will add you to the list to be notified when our next ewe lambs become available.

-Miles, Alyssa & Family


Breeding Rams and Helium Balloons

Wow, summer flew by quickly!  Here we are scrambling to get summer jobs done before harvest gets underway (I’ll be helping Alyssa’s family with field work).  Hopefully we have a mild fall, because our list of jobs is pretty long around here.  For our family, this August is a little more crazy than usual as we wait for the any moment arrival of our fourth child! We can’t wait to meet the newest little shepherd/ess and we will be sure to give you all a blog post to announce the arrival.

The kids loved playing with the balloons off the gift we received!
The kids loved playing with the balloons off the gift we received!

One thing that we enjoy about this time of year is getting geared up for another breeding season.  As everyone gets looking for the perfect rams, we get to enjoy meeting so many new people coming to take a look at the breeding stock that we have available.  It’s always a great surprise to meet a new sheep farmer as well as to re-connect with familiar faces.  We always enjoy the many and varied conversations about everything from the weather to politics, and of course lots and lots of sheep talk.  It’s always enjoyable to send some of our best genetics home to a new flock as well.

We just wanted to take a bit of an opportunity here on our blog to thank all of those who have purchased breeding rams so far this season.  We understand what an investment each of us has in our flock and the careful decisions that are made regarding selection and new genetics, so we consider it the highest compliment to have someone select one of our rams to add to their breeding flock.


I wanted to quickly share a story from today that really illustrates how enjoyable it is to get to know new lamb producers.  Kevin Volkman had been in touch with me for a while about coming to look at our breeding rams, and it was just the day before he was scheduled to arrive that I had to call him and cancel, not a regular practice for us, but considering we were in the labour and delivery room at the Olds Hospital we figured we would be tied up the next day.  Well, as it turns out, Alyssa seems to be having some pretty realistic false labour this pregnancy and after a night of waiting, we went home to continue the long wait.  We re-scheduled with Kevin, and today was the day we managed to meet here at our farm.  Right from the get-go I really enjoyed visiting with Kevin and his helper Marie.  We looked around our barn and compared sheep notes.  It never fails that I learn something new from these conversations.  We looked over the rams and when Kevin and Marie were satisfied with their choice, we loaded him up and finalized the sale.  It was as we were saying goodbye that Kevin grabbed something from his truck and handed me a beautifully wrapped gift complete with helium balloons!  Well it turns out that Kevin’s good wife had heard about our expected baby, and gone out of her way to give us a very nice little outfit for the new baby!  It was hard to believe that these people, without even knowing us, had been so thoughtful to send along such a nice gift.  Thank you so much!

The great thing is that genuinely great people like this are not uncommon at all in the lamb business.  That’s why we’re always happy to have people come over, even if it’s just to see the place and have a visit.  If we haven’t met you yet, just drop us a line, we’d love to get the chance.